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Zenquaria turns your TV into a living aquarium.

Simply relax by watching the fish, discover fish-keeping facts using the Encyclopaedia, or even swim with the fish using your Mii.

Spruce up your aquarium with around 40 different fish and a variety of ornaments, wallpapers and plant life. Visit every day and see your aquarium change - your fish will grow and new fish may be born. Life continues in your aquariums even while the Wii console is switched off.

View your aquarium from a variety of camera angles to get a good look at your fish (including a fish’s eye view) and select a fish to view facts such as its scientific name and habitat. Finally, dive in with your Mii to feed the fish, or hunt for trivia icons to discover fish-related facts.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Not too deep

With a rather good and successful aquarium simulator already available and a sequel underway, it seems rather futile of Nintendo to release a version themselves at a slightly higher price. Created by Paon of DK King of Swing, Jungle Climber and Barrel...

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bioniccheese said:

being able to swim in the aquarium or looking through the fish view makes it look like a step above MY AQUARIUM but i still wonder how it will score in the reviews.
guess ill wait for them before buying.



jhuhn said:

In North America, this game is entitled "AquaSpace" released on July 19, 2010.



rmasoni said:

Judging by these screenshots, I think the fishes look really good.
The encyclopaedia thing sounds nice too.

Could be cheaper, looks more like a tech demo than anything else.

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