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Violin Paradise is designed for up to four people to enjoy (additional controllers sold separately).

Players can choose to be a conductor, violinist, violist or cellist as they perform some of the most beautiful classical pieces in history. The game includes a micro-orchestra, which helps players feel the enjoyment of a group performance. The game environment changes dynamically and can be enriched with more objects if you play successfully.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Oy vey Maria

Hey, kids! Have you ever dreamed of being a professional violinist? Of feeling the stagnant air of a concert hall in your hair as you perform selections from Swan Lake with a string quartet composed entirely of your closest friends? Of screeching your...

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DarkEdi said:

sounds funny, i hope it has 8 and then i will download it because the commercial said it has more than 50 songs. Waiting Review ;)

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