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UNO® is the classic party card game that's number one for family fun! Compete against three other players to match colors and symbols, go Wild with special command cards such as Skip and Reverse, and be the first to play all your cards.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Gameloft WiiWare card games, take two!

Like many American board games, Uno was started by your average Joe making sets in his house and selling them to friends and neighbours before getting picked up by a big outfit and made into a classic. It's a fun social game that's been around for nearly...

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Gameloft has just announced yet another Uno release, this..

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Wiiloveit said:

Uno is an ace card game, but I don't know whether or not it'll work on a home console - especially since there will be no good way of hiding your cards from other people in the same room as you.
Here's hoping Gameloft can prove me wrong!



Lutterman said:

i see what you mean, but i think the online will be ftw! i always loved uno. now if they would only make an apples to apples game...



tkubas1 said:

I agree, how can you hide your cards from one another, I can't think of a way.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wait a second. Wi-fi got confirmed?! YES!!!!
Awesome! Kudos, Gameloft! Kudos! My thoughts on the company just improved that much more.

All they need now is Wii Speak!

@wiiplayer: Hmm.. Maybe you can only play by yourself against CPU's or go online. as in, no local multiplayer, maybe? We'll see. But that's exactly what I was thinking.



St3b0 said:

i feel ya on that one i dont want to pay to much hopefully it's less than the cards lol but i will be getting, love uno



SprattsPride said:

Please, Please, Please Come out in the uk and make it a Online Game and i hope they add the wii talk to the game so people can talk to each other over the internet, Like the Xbox 360 Version, I loved the xbox 360 version

Please : )



geek-master said:

so will there be a chance of uno DSI ware in america this monday? for the 9th of november?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Let's hope so! Bomberman and UNO would be awesome. Here's to hoping we get the WiiWare and DSiWare version in the same release. I didn't think it'd still be 500 Points after the WS Support was confirmed - this is great!



BigLord said:

Anyone out there want to try it with me?

By the way, does anyone know when a review will be up? AFAIK, the game works pretty damn well. (I bought it yesterday)



Mr_M said:

I suppose that with your opponets looking at your cards, there will be some challenge to this game, because your opponets will come out with great strategies so you must come up with a much better strategy than your opponents.



container1024 said:

I actually really like this version. For 500 points its a great purchase.
No - it's not quite on the same level as the XBLA version... but I'm sort'a enjoying the WiiWare version more - can't quite figure out why.



Toffan said:

I like this game, but why are there buttons popping up every time you can do something extra. You can pretty much do a Jump-In before you see what card is being played (or without even knowing what cards you have for that matter) and how hard is it to notice an uncalled UNO or remember to call it when a big button appears on the players hand?

Still I've played this game for hours and it is something that even grandma can play when she's visiting so I have no regrets downloading it.



StarDust4Ever said:

Looks like they got greedy. Let's hope that they make less off of it in the NA region at 1000 points than tehy did in the EU region at 500 points. That will be a lesson for those developers who think that charging a higher price will drive up the profit margin. One thing I learned in Economics is that increasing the price reduces demand, which in some circumstances, equates to lower profit margin. This is especiallly true in competitive markets. Also, since this is a digitally distributed good, the supply at any price X is infinite, since development cost is fixed and cost per unit is essentially zero .

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