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Tiki Towers is a game of construction, destruction, problem-solving and monkeys. Reclaim the islands of your tribe by defeating a series of evil enemy chiefs. Work with your monkey friends to build towers out of bamboo poles, coconuts and vines. Match wits against the enemy chiefs bent on destroying your towers and driving you from the islands. Navigate levels filled with crazy building challenges, and deal with unfriendly wildlife and other environmental obstacles. Get your monkeys to chant for the BananaMana necessary to counter enemy attacks. Play in either single-player or two-player cooperative mode in this game where monkeys rule.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

Will Tiki Towers build Wiiware to new heights or crash under its own weight?

Some might see this jungle themed construction game as a bit of a cash in on the success of World of Goo. After all, both games command you to get from point A to point B by building a structure. However, this is where the similarities end. For...

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USA WiiWare Update: Tiki Towers & Fun! Fun! Minigolf

The cat had already been let out of the bag on the release dates for both of today’s WiiWare releases so they should come as no surprise to our regular readers.

We have to admit to being quite interested in RealArcade’s Tiki Towers. On the one hand it looks like jungle themed World of Goo clone but we were assured from our recent interview with...

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Tiki Towers is set to hit the US WiiWare service this Monday, December 22nd so we decided it might be a good time to get in touch with the developers of Tiki Towers in order to find out more about the game.

Graham Kays, producer of Tiki Towers, was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk with WiiWare World about the game. You can check out the full contents of the interview below..

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Tiki Towers Lined Up For A Christmas WiiWare Launch

Alongside Fun! Fun! Minigolf, the next game to reveal its release date for the pre-Christmas slot of Monday, 22nd December is RealArcade’s Tiki Towers. The price point is confirmed to be only 500 Wii points. The observant among you remember that this was originally scheduled to be released last Monday, but for whatever reason that did not happen.

Some might write this game off as a World of Goo..

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It does appear that this game has a hint of World of Goo about it as it also involves construction. Here is the game description: Tiki Towers is a game of construction, destruction, problem solving, and monkeys! You must..

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User Comments (28)



Wiiloveit said:

I'm gonna give it a try - although depending on when it's released in Europe, I my wait for the review first. Too many games - not enough monies!



megatron said:

puzzles + monkeys = yes
hopefully it will be less than 1500 points,,, and hopefully it won't frustrate me as much as the last monkey puzzle game i played (zack & wiki)



gameking23 said:

It has been reported that this game will only cost a 1000 points. I'd still pay the extra 500 and get World of Goo because it is awsome.



earthworm said:

I remember in an interview with the developers of World of Goo, they said that they felt compelled to make their game because someone else was planning to use their original concept (Tower of Goo) to make a full game. Could this be the game they were talking about?



gameking23 said:

This does sound suspicious.

Even if that is true World of Goo appears to be the better game.



WiiMan192 said:

World of Goo is coming to European WiiWare soon, so I won't be needing this, unless the review says otherwise



PALgamer said:

I'd pay good money for a WiiWare Bridge Builder game, and this does look more like it, since the structures you build seem stable and not gooey like in WoG.



Wiiloveit said:

@megatron: I know what you mean. Whilst everyone was praising Z&W for it's greatness, it just left me contemplating suicide Thankfully though, I won it in a magazine - so it doesn't really matter! At least it's good when you know what you're doing.



Wiiloveit said:

Seriously, Real needs to get out of the gaming market - they are even worse than itunes!!!
And what's wrong with iTunes?



Wiiloveit said:

@gameking23: I see - how strange. iTunes is pretty good for TV shows you can't get anywhere else, and they often have some good deals (new Oasis album for £4 is a current highlight). Plus, podcasts and the app store appear to do well.

Oh - and they also sell music.

Now that the likes of Amazon, Play.com, hmv and whatnot are getting stuck in with DRM-free MP3 though, I can see a downfall for the company soon.



Objection said:

@cheeseman- I disagree. You build towers in both but they're done differently in each game and I am quite impressed with TT after playing the first world (20%, 28 minutes of gameplay) so I wonder how much you've played. Did you get stuck on the first level? I'm not poking fun, it took me 3 tries until I got the hang of this great little game.



AlexSays said:

I got this game for free and it's a rip-off of World of Goo. Don't get it.
No you're wrong.
I was the first one to say this game was a Goo-ripoff and I now take that back.

Anyone that knows me knows I'm the first to dish out criticism so defending this game shows how good I think it is.
It's not a stand-out game but it's a solid 6 or 7 and is a fun little game once you give it a chance.

It's been hardly two months and they are already cloning World of Goo...
So you think this game has only been in development for two months?
Yeahhhh.... no.



mojo25 said:

I agree with AlexSays. I haven't gotten WOG yet (about to get it on Christmas) but I can already tell that this game has many different qualities than World of Goo.
For example, the building structures are bamboo poles, not goo, so it creates tension under more weight, which can cause it to break. The break might even create a chain reaction for many more breaks. This makes the game much more challenging than I would have thought.

It's not a stand-out game but it's a solid 6 or 7 and is a fun little game once you give it a chance.
I actually would give this "fun little game" an 8 or 9 because of the very cheap price for those people who can't buy World of Goo.

Tiki Towers is a great game and definitely not a World of Goo rip-off.



Gabbo said:

According to our interview with the game's developer the game took approximately one year to make. And its probably been done for a while before it finally got published. It's very likely that they had no idea World of Goo was in development when they started.




I already have had my wonderful fill of World of Goo...this seems like a nice side salad but I'll save my Ninty points I think.

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