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Stonekeep. The legendary city was once ruined by a dark god’s magick, but saved by your ancestors. Now the legend of Stonekeep requires a new hero: You.

Explore dungeons, watch out for deadly traps, fight monsters with a variety of weapons or control dangerous magicks. The choice is yours.

But all is not lost. There are allies within the halls of Stonekeep. Choose one to help lead you to victory.


  • Wield melee weapons or throw projectile weapons
  • Discover new magicks and cast compound spells
  • Seven different dungeon levels to explore
  • Defeat monsters and loot treasures

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

Rock-solid or balderdash?

Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors, a remake of Interplay's mid-90's first-person dungeon crawler, sounds pretty good on paper. The Wii is a bit short on quality RPGs — especially on WiiWare — and Stonekeep was a decent-looking, competent RPG back in...

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mrchillz said:

I got this game thinking it was going to be like those cool games from the early and mid 90s like Doom. I was right and this is a REALLY cool game. Already beat the first dungeon though. So I hope i dont finish the game too quickly. And for 500 points? Well worth it!



bngrybt said:

I remember playing the original Stonekeep for DOS. If this is any good I may pick it up.



longtimegamer said:

I just got this around an hour ago.

@Mrchilz: You said you liked this. What did you think about the controls? To me it was really hard to consistantly do melee attacks. I'm getting better, but I still swing and the attack doesn't finish sometimes. I wonder if that happens if I'm moving at the same time.



mrchillz said:

@longtime: yeah, i quickly got used to the attack system. But, it seems like there are a lot of different motions u have to use, Like hold b and rotate the controller clockwise to do this, or counter clockwise to do that. I never remember any of that stuff. But I really like the graphics and the whole exploration aspect reminds me of the games from back in the day like Doom. What other games were there like that? Cant think of anymore....



mrchillz said:

Sweet game. But Im stuck at a part and I am about to launch my controller through the tv. Third stage, get to a "big spider". Tough to beat him. But everytime I do, after i get a key, i go back across these elevated platforms. Everytime i jump or hover off the last one I die. Someone help....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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