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Enter the world of PictureBook Games: Pop-Up Pursuit and enjoy a family board game set in a pop-up picture book. Instead of simply rolling dice to move along the map, you’ll use cards (which can help or hinder progress) and coins (useful for buying more cards, but don’t forget about your Coin Bonus at the end of the game).

Spaces on the map play an important role in the game’s outcome, and your computer-controlled opponents exhibit different personalities and behavior.

Occasionally, the mysterious Book of Magick will be opened, causing an event that may change according to how you play. This mixture of exciting game play and charming, artistic atmosphere give Pop-Up Pursuit high replay value and unique depth—even if its characters are flat.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Feeling board? You will be!

If there's one thing WiiWare spotlights so well, it's the beauty of simplicity. Many of its best releases (World of Goo, Toki Tori, Art Style: Orbient) are deceptively deep showcases for simple - yet addictive - concepts. PictureBook Games: Pop-Up...

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

I was pretty happy when I heard it was getting localized. Definitely getting it after what I saw when it came out in JPN. :D



Pablo17 said:

I think this looks pretty good. However, from the video I watched I didn't see any mini games. Are there mini games, like in Mario Party or not?

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