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Max is a young boy, and like most boys he loves to draw.

One day he gets a mysterious marker in the mail. There is no letter attached – only the plain orange marker. Max decides to test it right away, sits down and starts drawing. He draws a monster but as soon as he finishes the lines on the paper start moving and to Max’s great surprise the monster runs off the paper and into another drawing. Max realizes that he has to stop the monster, so he draws himself on the same drawing that the monster is in and immediately finds himself inside the drawing……

Run, Jump, Think, Draw! Max & the Magic Marker is a physics-based 2D puzzle platformer, in which the player controls the boy Max and his Magic Marker. While you guide Max in good old platforming fun, the marker provides the game’s signature feature: everything the player draws directly inside the gameworld becomes a physical object. This feature is used to complete levels and overcome challenges but it also provides the player with a unique tool that in itself is fun to play around with.

  • Face the challenge of 15 inventive and puzzling levels
  • Use unique drawing control in three beautiful worlds inspired by childrens’ drawings
  • Unlock challenges and discover a multitude of secrets and rewards
    Enjoy an original and atmospheric soundtrack by Analogik

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A beautiful piece of art or a worthless doodle?

Games involving drawing seem to be incredibly popular nowadays. With the DS's touch screen and Wii Remote's pointer both allowing rather precise drawing, it's pretty obvious to see why. Although it's a bit late to the party, Max & the Magic Marker...

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User Comments (21)



Zork2 said:

I'd really like to try this. You could spend all day just building Rube Goldberg machines



Malouff said:

This is on the top of my list of upcomming WiiWare games comming soon to watch for.



nf_2 said:

It is definitely going to be one of the best Wiiware games. I can't wait.



Yarox said:

This looks so great! Hopefully it will be 800 - 1000 nintendo points and not 1500.



Malouff said:

Max & the Magic Marker will be out in Europe on January 22!
... and shortly after also in the rest og the world!



Roo said:

Downloaded it last night, and after about two hours of play, I can say that I'm not massively impressed. The platforming isn't all that exciting, and the scenarios in which they let you use the marker pen are quite samey. I can't help but think this is a game that's a couple of years late. Maybe I've been spoiled by Scribblenauts - and even Drawn To Life - on DS, but even without having played those I'd have said Magic Marker is a bit short on new ideas...



Elvis444 said:

I had a feeling that this game would be rather stale in its creativity. Though I must say I am a fan of the music in the video above. It reminds me somewhat of Banjo-Kazooie. I really have to play that again...



Simi said:

Bought this last night, and I thought it was pretty good, great music and although the platforming isn't amazingly innovative it's good fun!



Majora said:

This game is simply broken. Game crash and freeze too frequently. A fantastic game, but unplayable. Bad, very bad.



Notare said:

Majora, that sounds bad. Are you sure it's the game and not your system? I've had no issues at all so far, the game runs perfectly on my Wii.



Notare said:

Also, for those curious as to how the game will play out, there is a small online demo available at the developer's website
That demo is what helped me decide to get the game, and I have not been disappointed.



Fill said:

This was fun! There could have been more levels and more interesting/challenging puzzles. Sometimes it was a bit downright tedious. But, the idea, graphics and play was fun. One bug I found: Robot Factory, stage 1: You can collect as many special black orbs as you want. The black orb shot repeatedly upwards that you use some ramps to deflect down to you through the laser beam re-spawns when you do. So, just die after collecting it, and grab it again and again. You can get more than the total allowed for the level pretty easily, which is 4.

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