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Looking for a puzzle game that anyone can play, but still offers plenty to master?

Look no further than Lonpos, with its straightforward premise and large variety of puzzles to solve. Each puzzle revolves around a rectangular playing field of 55 spaces. Using a set of 12 pieces, the goal is to place every piece into the playing field, filling it completely. The higher the level, the more pieces you'll need to fit correctly into the playing field. Challenge yourself with two single-player modes or bring a friend to compete against or cooperate with. When you think your skills are worthy, use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to check out how you compare with other LONPOS players or download additional puzzles and backgrounds.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Sean McDermott

Does this WiiWare puzzler have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

Having been available since WiiWare launched in Japan, Lonpos' Western release has been a long time coming. The game itself has been adapted from a popular logic puzzle game of the same name. The question, of course, is how well does it fare against the...

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Lonpos Comes to Europe

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User Comments (26)



Nintendork said:

This looks kind of cool. Though it is going to cost a pretty penny for everything



Terra said:

It is 1000 Points. It's been out in Japan for ages and it was 1000 points there, so expect the same. I Just hope the DLC comes down in price



Kenji510 said:

Looks like one of my favorite type of games i want to play and hope it comes to the NA soon!



Terra said:

I reckon that this could still be quite fun for those who like Puzzle games (If You don't, tough luck on WiiWare) and i wouldn't mind paying for DLC, just not 4500 points worth of it.



Starwolf_UK said:

But when you consider it is based off a real life game that can be got for $20 or £10 (Search Lonpos on Amazon) you do have to wonder the point about the digital version with its limited puzzles...



CanisWolfred said:

Meh, looks kind of boring, and I'm sure there's a free flash version out there somewhere, and that won't cost you 45 smackers.



slangman said:

Looks alright but far too expensive for my tastes and defeats the purpose of bringing this to Wiiware. And it's another puzzler too. Do we really need tons more puzzle titles?



megatron said:

this actually looks like my kind of game, unfortunately it doesn't seem to have my kind of pricing scheme. i am NOT a fan of download content that has an additional cost.



Terra said:

"I'm sure there's a free flash version out there somewhere, and that won't cost you 45 smackers"
And i found one.

Not exactly the same but it's still very similar. Graphics wise, it's what you'd expect from a free flash game, very basic but it works



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wait a second. How many blocks is this game anyway? How come there's no indication of it on the page?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yep and here in NA, when the update came, I quickly checked and it's 125 here. I see the page has been updated accordingly.



megatron said:

hmm. i'm still sort of considering getting this.
i just looked at getting a physical version of lonpos, and it looks like the wiiware is cheaper (ignoring download content)... and doesn't take up any space in my house. and can't lose pieces.
but the lack of different visuals and music is off-putting. so is the price. and the expensive extra download content isn't a plus either.
maybe i'll pick it up if i can wii points for 40% off again.



Toddr said:

Yeah, I've never seen wii points on sale around here. BTW Knuckles, what part of Canada do you live in?



Toddr said:

@ Wii is MYcrack

According to google maps, you live 229 km from me in the little old town of Lakefield.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

lol, yeah, most places have FINALLY smartened up and are selling Wii Poitns for $19.99 but some places are selling it for $24.99 or even $28! (stares at Wal-Mart Although, they have gotten a bit better...)



SKTTR said:

800 pts for the game.
9 x 300 pts for all Pay & Play DLC packs = 2700pts.
800pts + 2700pts = 3500pts for the complete version.

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