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Your Winter fun is not over!

Enter a frosty wonderland in this special party game for a whole family. Join Hubert the Teddy Bear and his friends to confront crafty bunnies. Challenge them in 8 winter activities including games such as a sledge ride, snow fight, fishing or bunny chase. Create your own teddy bear and customize it to fit your style.

Choose the name, gender and combine dozens of clothes and accessories to dress it up. You can play solo or with your family and friends in multi-player modes. Even 16 players can take part in a competition! Thanks to the balanced levels of difficulty everyone can enjoy the game. This collection of casual winter sports will provide all members of your family with a new game-play experience.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Teddy bear Christmas comes early

WiiWare has seen a surprising number of mini-game collections come its way, probably due to the simple nature of the genre and the greater likelihood of standing out as part of a weekly download release than on a store shelf crowded with such titles...

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Octopod said:

Doesn't look all that wonderful to me although for the price the multiplayer could be fun

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