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Planet Zethos has fallen under the military control of Thau-Phi, a rogue Artificial Intelligence.

The only hope of liberating it lies in the crew of the DST Horizon, an elite mercenary unit operating in the deep fringes of space.

Horizon Riders recruits you into the toughest and most daring merc outfit in the galaxy, blasting through an army of renegade robots with an array of high-tech weapons and mounted on a high-speed assault hover-board.

  • Wii Balance Board Powered Action: Turn your Wii Balance Board into a futuristic hover-board for a full motion controlled experience only possible on Nintendo Wii.
  • Four Reckless Professionals of Destruction: Pick one of four riders, all of them too crazy to live and too tough to die, each with its own look, weapons and playstyle.
  • Insane Arcade Experience: A unique blend of high-speed racing and intense combat. Dash through exotic locations and fight back against endless waves of relentless robots.

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

Well balanced?

Horizon Riders is definitely a Wii-exclusive experience. A game that makes use of both the Balance Board and Wii Zapper, Sabarasa's on-rails shooter is tailor-made for the console. If you are one of the millions that bought Wii Fit, consider yourself in...

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User Comments (6)



Metal_Slime said:

zomg I really wanted to make a balanceboard/zapper game!!! Actually I wanted to make a power pad power glove zapper game but, you know. I want to get this already! Looks like Sin and Punishment (but worse, but with a balance board).



jhuhn said:

Looks good, the US region gets this on October 6, 2011 for 800 Wii points.



VinylFly said:

It's a shame that the actual control scheme is kinda cumbersome, but I'm having a good time with this anyway. I do have a board, and it works well, but I actually prefer the slightly odd controller setup instead. I'm a big fan of Sabarasa and this is another ambitious project from them. If you love Sin and Punishment--like I do--you still need to download the demo first, because it's actually pretty different beyond the on-rails part. Anyway, it's another impressive Wii Ware release! Yay!

EDIT: Actually, the board is great once you get the hang of it; it's a ton of fun. I hope this scores high and people check it out.



DeathCode said:

Just bought this game I love it. Its not bad actually I would recommend this one to anyone for the 800 points.

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