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Grab your Wii Remote and prepare for the ultimate game of darts on the Nintendo Wii!

Dart Rage features the most realistic throwing system available today. You'll never get closer to throwing an actual dart in any video game. With pixel perfect accuracy and no buttons to push, you'll be completely immersed in the game's realism. Dart Rage puts you in the spot light as you compete against friends, the computer, or both.

With 4 great games to choose from including:301-901, Cricket, Poker, & American (Baseball) darts; Dart Rage has plenty of options to keep the game fresh. There is also a VS mode, where you can compete at the same time in a race to the finish. Rock out to the sizzling soundtrack with a commentator announcing you're every shot or miss.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

These darts be angry

Dart games have traditionally been pretty plain affairs. Pub Darts on WiiWare was as basic as it could get and left us with a bland and forgettable taste in our mouths. Developer JV Games may not have left the best taste among WiiWare connoisseurs after...

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Porky said:

Why have another dart game released not to long ago? Due march 1st.



moonchilddave said:

I really enjoy this one! While it's a fairly simplistic game, it does a rather good job of simulating a real life game of darts. I could easily see this as a part of Wii Sports. It's a casual game, best with multiple players. Worth it in my opinion. And for those wondering, you can turn off the announcer's voice. I'll definantly keep coming back to this one.

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