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As God, will you accept that heretics are building the Tower of Babel to reach the skies?

If they succeed to do so, don’t hope to be worshipped anymore. They will turn their back on you, despise you... Use your mighty powers to show them who rules. Crush them with your hands, launch your thunderbolts and trigger whirlwinds, tsunamis or even rains of fire. After all, they’re only humans!

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Posted by Mike Mason

Bad religion

God games are usually about protecting people, not condemning them. Babel Rising, however, tears a page or two out of the Book of Genesis and sees you, as the heavenly overseer himself, casting down any subjects that dare to defy. Hundreds of heretics are...

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Drobotic said:

Anyone else want to make a petition to put this game off of the Wii Shop Channel?

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