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Welcome to 5 Arcade Gems, a collection of five wacky arcade games. You can play alone or together with your friends – you will definitely find something for your taste, be it a medieval knights game or ultra-modern space shooter.

  • Compete with other knights to beat the Evil Wizard's challenge in Templar Bashing.
  • No hazard gets in the way of the dutiful Pizza Jungle Delivery company, not even the fierce savages who won't tip!
  • Outsmart your competitors in RC Buggy Madness.
  • Demonstrate your skills and reflexes in Lumberjack Trials.
  • And of course, no adventure is complete without some deep space alien-bursting action in Whirling Rangers.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Gems? More like paste.

The term "arcade" has seemingly come to be synonymous with a game that has a "pick-up-and-play" feel to it, just as arcade games of old. Of course the motivation of manufacturers of these arcade machines was to encourage players to...

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iAmThetot said:

Looks like it could be mildly entertaining. Won't lie, I think I'm going to steer clear simply due to the lack of online play. Why don't games like these take advantage of the Wii's wifi connection?! =(



Yasume said:

Nordcurrent? I'm sorry, but I'm already for 95% convinced that this is going to suck.



99er said:

You make a good point IAmThetot, its unfortunate that developers don't make use of the online features. Heck Capcom uses there own methods for online play which proves developers are not limited to use the branded Nintendo Wifi method for their games (friend codes, limited interaction with opponents etc..).



99er said:

If you think about it Ezekeil, these companies have the money and should be willing to put the time in. It's what makes a great game, not just some shovel-ware title thrown into a bin at a Wal-Mart like a lot of the Wii titles i've seen.

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