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Sonic Boom (Wii U)

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A prequel to the Sonic Boom TV series, coming to Wii U.

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evanescent_hero said:

The designs are weird, but I'm looking forward to this, as it appears to be multiplayer. Man, when are Sonic and Mario gonna cross over in a platformer though?



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm not sure I like the longer legs aesthetic. Wierd this is skipping Japan. Did Sega lose faith in Western developers?



shuis said:

I can see Naughty Dog's former members fingerprints all over this and that is a good thing! Listening to the voices and seeing the limited gameplay and levels reminds me of "Jak and Daxter". "Uncharted" is good in an Indiana Jones/National Treasure way but "Jak and Daxter" really nailed the adventure genre. It was funny and a little zany and that made it special.

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