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Are you tired of the gym? Bored of the same exercises?

Do you want to have a physique everyone will envy? There is Fit Music for you now! Train all of your muscles with dance music doing fun, professional exercises. Bring the gym into your living room, forget the stress and join the party!

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Posted by Conor McMahon

Fit dance the blues

Losing weight and getting active isn't always an easy task. The motivation, patience and willpower it takes to make a healthy lifestyle change is one that many find daunting, and so there is an entire industry built around making the idea more palatable...

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GamecubeComplex said:

There seem to be a lot of those In the public eye lately. I wonder why that is, because it doesn't make them look any younger. It just gives the general public a good chuckle.



Dankykong said:

Wait... this is getting a physical version? Or is it just showing that as an image placeholder for this website? lol

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