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Feel the Force with Star Wars Pinball on Wii U! Star Wars Pinball features three Star Wars themed tables: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Players can choose to support either the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance with their high scores as the community fights for the Balance of the Force! The main game user interface will change dynamically, based on how the community chooses to support each side.

Star Wars Pinball supports the Wii U GamePad, allowing players to redirect the display to the GamePad screen from the TV and back. When used as the secondary display, the GamePad shows additional controls and info including the dot matrix, scores, and challenge information.

Additional game features include in-game challenges and score notifications, an XP progression system allowing players to move up the ranks based on Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance support, Force Score and friends-based Team Score leaderboards, and several multiplayer modes.

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Posted by Stephen Kelly

Laugh it up, pinball

If the Disneyland Star Tours attraction was systematically dismantled and reassembled by brilliant maniacs who love tabletop arcade games a whole lot, it would surely be a perfect doppelganger to Star Wars Pinball. The creators of Zen Pinball and Pinball...

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ROB98374 said:

Star Wars has been announced, so now when do we get to see an Indiana Jones release?

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