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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Wii U eShop)

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In our story, Shantae is roused from a deep sleep, suddenly alert.

She plunges into the moonlit forest in search of answers. In nearby Scuttle Town she discovers a mysterious trapdoor, and beyond that, a luminous subterranean cavern. A familiar voice calls out, drawing Shantae to a beautiful fountain. Touching its waters she is immediately spirited away to the fabled Genie Realm. At her feet a magical seal swells as some powerful evil seeks escape. The chamber trembles with a deep, bellowing roar and everything goes white. Shantae sits upright, back in her bed. Was it just a dream? Or a vision of things to come?

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Nintendood said:

I've loved Shantae since she got her start on GBC, and I'm a paid backer of this game, but the hair-whipping attack originated with Kabuki Quantum Fighter for the NES!



FrostFlare said:

Sounds like we're getting a prequel? All the more reason to own a Wii U. But seriously? Shantae and the Pirate's Curse isn't even out yet! Not that I'm complaining...



maceng said:

Supporters have pledged more than US$920,000 but the kickstarter page still hasn't updated the goals (it lists the additional chapter that was unlocked at 800k).

I do hope for full voice acting (at 1.1M) to be unlocked.

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