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8-Bit Boy (Wii U eShop)

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8-BIT BOY - Unemployed, depressed and kicking ass! Truly the next big indie platformer

8-Bit Boy is what you get when you cook down all the greatest platformers of the late eighties and early nineties and add a personal and touching storyline, deep engaging gameplay, vast worlds to much to explore and super tight controls. This is really what 8-Bit Boy is all about. Most modern developers put the emphasis on puzzle solving instead of simple engaging gameplay. This is fine, but it’s not what I want as a platform lover. This is why this game is going feel so fresh and new – even though it’s based on the familiar classic platforming roots.I just can’t wait for you to try 8-Bit Boy and see for yourself.


  • 12+ hours of main story gameplay
  • Deep engaging gameplay
  • Tack sharp controls
  • 250+ hidden locations!
  • 5 epic bosses

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