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Unlike many rhythm games, to become a music legend in We Rock: Drum King you only require two Wii Remotes, rather than having to clutter your living room with potentially expensive instruments. The remotes become your virtual drumsticks as you beat your way through 30 awesome tunes, including Bloc Party’s Banquet and Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf.

You start on the road to fame by creating your drummer and then joining a band, before performing in a range of increasingly spectacular venues – until you’re crowned the greatest rock band in the world.

Developed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii by ARC System Works, We Rock: Drum King takes full advantage of the innovative motion-sensing capabilities of the console. The game is played by moving the remotes as if you’re ‘air drumming’. Different drums – including snare, toms, hi-hat and bass – are simulated by waving the Wii Remotes while pressing a different button.

Wannabe drummers know exactly when and what drum to hit thanks to coloured indicators that scroll down the screen in time to the tune. The difficulty can be scaled too, so that beginners can pick-up-and-rock-out, whereas experienced beat masters can crank up the challenge to 11.

We Rock: Drum King will be released exclusively for Nintendo Wii in Europe in April 2009.


  • Wide range of drumming styles/music
  • Ready to rock straight from the box – no need for costly peripherals
  • Create your own avatar before hitting the road
  • Single and multiplayer modes
  • 30 awesome tracks from well known artists
  • Difficulty scaled so beginners have fun but experts face a real rock challenge

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505 Games announce the soundtrack for the upcoming play-the-drums-without-drums We Rock: Drum King, scheduled for release on April 9th.

Unlike similar music titles, We Rock: Drum King requires no extra peripherals to play. Two Wii remotes and the ability to keep time are all you need to stay in the game. Beginners can start on a simple two-drum setup with automatic bass drum to find their rhythm,..

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EaterOfDays said:

I Honestly Hate Music Games Now, They Only Go for the Popular Music, and Not REAL Music



Knobby said:

Hi, I'm a bit of an aged luddite! Wife just bought me the game instead of a drum kit! However, two problems havearisen: 1) I'm left handed, and can't find a way to use left hand for cymbals/hihats, etc, and 2) I can't get 2nd remote to register to use both controllers-any one have an idiot guide as to what to do?




joemontana said:

i'm quite sure that you must press a little button beside the sd card entry, then press the red little button under the battery lid on the wiimote. that will register it to the console. i may be wrong tho...
i dont think you can swap cymbals on this game neither.. apart from that, it's fairly nice game.

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