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Containing all 6 titles from this hugely popular franchise, Samurai Shodown Anthology details why this is among SNK’s largest and popular franchises.

First appearing on the NEOGEO MVS system in July 93 the game soon gained a massive following who immediately took to the games unique fast paced, and sometimes brutal gameplay.

The games setting, use of sword based weapons and varied and memorable characters was a departure from other fighters released at that time. It was this ‘out of the box’ thinking that allowed this franchise to flourish amongst the competition of the day.

‘Samurai Shodown set new standards in the fighting genre, and this has attributed to its ongoing success’, says Peter Rollinson, Product Manager, Ignition Entertainment Ltd. ‘this collection gives players the chance to see where the series came from. Where it goes in the future will be equally exciting’


  • Contains all 6 Samurai Showdown games
  • Choose from over 48 playable characters across the titles
  • Experience intense sword based fighting
  • Personalise your favourite character with the ‘Colour Edit Mode’

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Posted by Damien McFerran


You certainly can’t accuse SNK Playmore of ignoring its past. Recently we’ve been blessed with the retro-themed duo of King of Fighters Collection and SNK Arcade Classics, and the Japanese veteran is now following up with yet another compilation of...

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CanisWolfred said:

It better be here on April 7th, I'm beginning to lose my patience. Just because it's a compilation of one of the greatest fighting series ever created doesn't mean you can keep us waiting all the time. I mean, Japan doesn't even have a release date yet!



marktheshark said:

@2, Mickymac

It's already released in Japan & maybe Europe too. I heard the NA version won't be released until April 14.

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