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The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword marks a turning point for The Legend of Zelda franchise.

The introduction of full motion control enabled by the Wii MotionPlus™ accessory synchronizes player movements with Link’s actions while offering the most intuitive play control of any game in The Legend of Zelda franchise to date.


  • Thanks to the required Wii MotionPlus accessory, every movement of Link’s sword matches the player’s motion with exact precision. If players motion left to right, Link™ swings from left to right. The precision play control is applied to enemies as well, as players must contemplate strategy when battling opponents that actively try to defend against attacks.
  • Wii MotionPlus puts an arsenal of items at the player’s disposal. It offers a multitude of actions with just simple, intuitive motions. Players will try their hand at firing a bow, tossing bombs and using a whip to battle enemies and solve puzzles.
  • The game will also introduce a distinct new graphical style perfectly suited to the franchise’s fantastical universe, like a painting come to life.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will offer a multitude of new game-play mechanics, giving it a refreshingly different feel from all of the past titles in the series.

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Posted by James Newton

A legend redefined

In a way The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has very little riding on it: the Wii has already enjoyed huge success, with a library of critically acclaimed Nintendo games selling millions around the world. Its motion controls — dubbed a 'revolution' back...

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Please watch this on the *biggest* screen you can find and make sure you're running it in 1080 HD! Ever wondered what The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword could look like in glorious high definition

User Comments (89)



ZachDusoswa said:

i am soo freaken pumped for this!!! i hope it isn't in first person though, cuz it just wouldn't be the same.



marioman said:

This year will ROCK, Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid:Other M AND new zelda title EPIC!!!!



lex0plex said:

doubtful zelda will be this year, but whenever this comes out it will be awesome! and i dont think they'll make it 1st person. where did u hear that?



Kurachi said:

hope it'll have GC controller option, as i am superbad at moving (accident years ago) (thats also why i got zelda TP's GC version)
but i'm afraid that wont happen....



Mr_G said:

You know what would totally blow my mind?
IF the the new zelda is set in the future in space on space ships



Kyloctopus said:

Not a fan of Zelda but this may change it considering that it takes 4 years and Regie said that this will be out until its perfect. You know it'll already be better than Galaxy 2



JakobG said:

@11: I take it you played LoZ for CD-i?

This is probably going to be one of the best digital objects ever.



Angaran said:

I thought the Graphics wer suposed to be better than Monster Hunter tri !? The graphics don't look that great but the swords play looks cool.
The Grapics for me are a minor step back for a Zelda game. Not to mention I'm a huge Zelda fan; I loved Zelda the wind waker, and really loved Twilight Princess, but it's all down to the final game and if people give it a really good rating will I ever buy it.



JTC-Pingas said:

@17: BULLCRAP! The graphics are simply gorgeous. I've never seen a Zelda title look this beautiful.



fishman100 said:

And of course the trailer has pwnage music, which guarantees Skyward Sword will have a killer soundtrack.



ciryl said:

must have, one thing that is for sure.
but I read on another site that the launch date in Europe is june 2011.
can't wait!!!!



TKOWL said:

Of course, they'll be hordes of "teh harcore Zelda fanz" who think that this is the worst art-style ever.



Delso said:

This is going to be awesome! I cant wait til zelda two thrones comes out in november! i am a huge fan!......
Is this game gonna be wiiware or a disc at the store, dont quite understand how it is launching? :S



James said:

@Delso I am not familiar with Zelda: Two Thrones. Is it like Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones?



link-master said:

the best zelda game for nintendo ill ever see got have the new zelda so i can play it (already preordered it)



ExploderReviews said:

That last part of the video reminded me simultaneously of just cause 2, kid Icarus, and that trailer for COD black ops. This zelda game looks pretty epic!



SilverBaretta said:

Rather odd, I think this is the least interesting Zelda title, it just sounds a little stupid (even though it's fitting to the plot), but its looks like the best entry yet! The orchestrated score sound fantastic in the trailer, the swordplay looks great, and I'm a huge fan of the Wind Waker art style, so combing that with TP's more adult-looking Link is pure greatness! Go Nintendo, Go!

P.S. Hoping to go all Belmont on those enemies with that beastly whip!



Snipes said:

Two thrones was a fake box that someone did a while ago. It was just an art project =



Neko_Ichigofan said:

Graphicly speaking it looks alot like Wind Waker
but somehow it seems much more pleasant then it did in Wind Waker.
I'm not sure how much I like all the motion based actions that are used in this game but as long as they don't make the motion controlls to complicated it should be fine.



timp29 said:

Yeah... The Legend of Zelda: Suicide Pact

Me wants. And to the guy who said his sister doesn't want this because she played it already, go slap some sense into her (in a loving brotherly way of course).



Klaarover said:

Yeah, that orchestrated piece is standard trailer music from Twilight Princess. I did a YT vid with it years ago.



zeldaman said:

i have played Zelda for a long time now and by what it looks like and what i have heard i think that this game will be pretty good. I can't wait till it comes out just like i was when twilight princess came out but one thing i am worried about is the graphics i liked the twilight princess graphics better.

Ps. and i give a comment to number 35 i think that is funny



Boyoshi said:

For The First Time in My life i wish i were a year older, AHHHHHHHH I want this game NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



skywardtrumpet said:

I wish time would just delete itself until this game comes out. The art style is like Wind Waker mixed with Twilight Princess, both of which are my favorite Zelda titles. CANT WAIT!!!!!! And I also heard that the puzzle/dungeon designer is the same as in Spirit Tracks? And the puzzles in ST aren't too bad....



Colors said:

@37 Zelda is one of the best series from Nintendo what proof do you have that this is the last game!!!



brenwizard said:

legend of zelda skyward sword is going to be totally awesome,i also like how the graphics are wind waker & twilight princess graphics combined.



lex0plex said:

The graphics look absolutely amazing! I think it suits the loz universe perfectly

I hope all those in game controls cluttering up the sides of the screen are only there for demo purposes... cause they look very distracting and annoying



zeldaman said:

i was on BestBuy this morning looking for a Wii action replay when i crossed skyward sword and it said the release date is 7/1/11 on a Friday!!!



amh said:

The only reason i think they would release it in summer( when kids are mostly on vacation or playing outside, as opposed to winter when kids are mostly getting games for chrstmas) is that nintendo feels confident about it. And thats a good sign.



LadyLink said:

If this is anything like twilight princess... this game will deliver!!!! I'm soooooo freakin excited!!!!



remote26 said:

Though I am curious as to the plot. I did indeed like Twilight Princess, and got 100% for the wii, because that it was interesting. I am very curious as to what his game has to offer, because Ocarina of Time is going to be a tough challenge to beat.



meizme said:

thats um... one very HAPPY looking bad guy, Gracious And Youthful. err Right... the rest looks wicked though, wheres the imposing badies like wind waker bosses and even spirit tracks had a ganon killer.



skywardtrumpet said:

Holy Freak. Every time I try not to look into new zelda games because I literally cannot function until I buy it and beat it. and every time i end up looking into it. I might have to sell a few of my possessions for this game's cause... Because its going to be AMAZING...



SkywardLink98 said:

Looks pretty good, but most people HATED Twilight Princess because of the motion controls. I wonder if this will be any different.



CreaterCurator said:

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Boyoshi said:

Just (for me) 6 more days! I've pre-ordered the limited edition, SOOOOO EXITED!



luigi_swagg said:

Getting this game on pre-order in a couple of days with the Music CD, and Gold Wiimote!!!!!



luigi_swagg said:

And while I get it, I will get Twilight Princess (I hate that I haven't even gotten that one..........



ZeLDaMaNiaC said:

YES! Graphics mix of Twilight Princess and Windwaker! Extremely smart thinking Nintendo! I can hardly wait for it. Just 2 days....



supermonkey117 said:

Just finished the game a few days ago and and all i can say is wow if you want a game to play before the wii u make this you're wii's swan song but make sure you have the motion plus. truly an epic adventure game bosses are easy but the fights just seem so cool with a lot of thought put in to them with a brand new world to explore to. ten out of ten.



skyward_sword said:

THIS IS THE BEST GAME KNOWN TO MAN. Maybe not as good as Twilight Princess, but It still has a different aspect with a different feeling to it. And the graphics are AWESOME! I'm just stuck at one part...the stupid Moldarach in Lanarya Sand Sea. I have already beat that boss once but I can't seem to beat it again which probably sounds really lame. The sand sea is pretty awesome.



Sir_Ronson said:

This is easily my least favorite Zelda game. The MotionPlus took a turning point for Zelda, yes, but for the worst. The controls are unresponsive most of the time. And don't get me started on the shield. Nintendo, would it really have hurt to put a classic controller option in there, really?

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