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At Hysteria Hospital, life will prove to be a manic challenge. Players will have several levels of the hospital to navigate, and they will have to reach desperate patients and demanding doctors within a set period of time. The frenzy inside the hospital will increase as the game progresses with more and more demanding patients desperate to be cured!

It’s just a usual day in Hysteria Hospital – another torrent of patients threatens to turn the emergency ward into chaos. Only one person can control the frantic situation - can you keep your patients happy when your ward is overrun? Play as a female or male nurse and organize the ward and direct the patients to treat their conditions as quickly as possible. Design and improve your ward for life-saving efficiency to be the best head nurse in America and save the hospital from being overrun

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Posted by Adam

It does indeed invoke hysteria, but not the good kind.

Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward is the latest treat from Oxygen Games for Wii and in a sense it truly does replicate how a hospital nurse must at times feel; overworked, frustrated and at times more than a little tired.The game begins with the player...

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Third3ye said:

This game looks suspiciously like Theme Hospital ( but if it plays the same I'll buy it!

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