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Family Trainer: Extreme Challenge is the follow up to the successful Family Trainer game/mat bundle.

Once again the motion sensing Wii Remote™ is partnered with an original custom mat controller to provide a total body gaming experience in an extreme sports setting. Now anyone can be a true extreme sports star in the comfort of their own home.

Following up on its wildly successful predecessor, Family Trainer: Extreme Challenge reintroduces the Family Trainer mat, a durable eight button peripheral that lets players control the on-screen action with their hands and feet when used in conjunction with a Wii Remote. Now with even more intense pick-up and play activities, gaming exercise aficionados can enjoy a full-body workout that truly immerses them in extreme sporting events without the broken bones.

Showcasing more than a dozen unique activities, from wakeboarding to rock climbing and base jumping, Family Trainer: Extreme Challenge promises to keep players’ pulses pounding and hearts pumping with each new event. Combining the exclusive mat controller with a Wii Remote not only provides active and fun gameplay but also an experience that burns calories. With competitive and multiplayer challenges for up to two players and the ability to play as your personalized Miis™, Family Trainer: Extreme Challenge will ensure that everyone gets to share in the fun.

Family Trainer: Extreme Challenge kicks Family Trainer into high gear, featuring ‘extreme’ themed sports such as base jumping, street luge, and rock climbing. Whether you want to swoosh down the hills of San Francisco in a street luge, scale the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, or kite-surf in the crystal blue waters of the Pacific, this game will get your heart pumping!

  • More to Play – 15 activities plus multi-player and time trial
  • All New Activities – Include street luge/in-line skating, kite surfing, base jumping, acrobatic double dutch, BMX biking, skateboarding and rock climbing
  • Unique & Stylish Cel-Shaded Art Design – Detailed environments and cool character designs
  • Mii™ Integration – Includes the option to use Mii characters
  • Fun for Everyone – Single and multi-player games to challenge you, your family and friends

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I have "Family Trainer outdoor challenge" which is a lot of fun for the family but imprecise. Still, because of the uniqueness and fun aspect it is a valued member of my wii game collection.

The "software only" extreme challenge game has been listed in many retailers catalogues; but when I try to order it, they either don't have it or can't get hold of it. I already have the mat peripheral from the first game ("outdoor challenge") and don't want another mat with this second installment for obvious reasons. It's be an insta-buy if it wasn't for this problem.




Managed to get hold of the game with mat at a cheap price and must say I am really disappointed. All they ahve done is re-hashed some of outdoor challeges' games whilst numerous others merely use the individual squares as substitutes for the buttons on an ordinary ps2/GC controller. Your essentially "button tapping" with your foot.

Eg. The rock climbing merely has you kneeling on the ground and tapping two squares alternatingly to climb a rock face. Poor.

Outdoor challenge actually contained a lot of actual exercise and unique activities.



IanA said:

Another great wii controller. Adds up to the challenges to wii fan and gamers. I think for first timers, it would be quiet hard to comprehend which foot to move at the same time thinking which hand and arm to move. But with a little practice, I say this will be addictive.

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