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Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director’s Cut starts with the player in control of charming Parisian photo-journalist Nicole Collard, who witnesses the brutal and horrifying murder of one of Paris’s richest and most influential statesmen.

During her investigations, which feature exclusive new locations, Nico meets amiable American George Stobbart, who has been unwittingly caught up in the sinister and bloody theft of an ancient manuscript. Together, they are drawn into a terrifying conspiracy rooted in a long-forgotten medieval legend.

Expanding on the original classic storyline, The Director's Cut features tight scripting and an intense atmosphere from the explosive opening sequence to the gripping finale, where the full threat of the conspiracy is revealed.

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Posted by Kim Wild

The Broken Sword murder mystery adventure comes to Wii, but is this the definitive version?

It is with some fond memories that we review Broken Sword: The Director's Cut on the Wii. The original game proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable mystery adventure, with a tantalizing storyline, memorable characters and logical puzzles. This new release is...

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UBISOFT bring Broken Sword onto the Wii and Nintendo DS this year with Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, this is the launch trailer

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