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Virtual League Baseball (VB / Virtual Boy)

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Welcome to Virtual League Baseball for Nintendo's Virtual Boy, the 3D baseball game that lets you experience the exciting action of world class International Virtual League Baseball competition!

Choose from 18 National Teams in 3 Continental Leagues and slug your way to the top of the Virtual League International World Series pennant race.

Coach the greatest baseball teams from the Pan-Am, Asian and European Continental Leagues to victory in three different realistic Game Modes.

So come on, slugger, step up to the plate and take a crack at Virtual League Baseball!

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Posted by Dave Frear

Does stepping onto the virtual diamond impress?

You take control of a team then bat, pitch and field as you compete against others, either in one off games or a league, offering you the chance to become Virtual League World Champion. Each game lasts for 9 innings though games will end early if a team...

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