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Jack Bros. (VB / Virtual Boy)

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Every year on Halloween morning, the portal to the World of Fairies opens, allowing a pathway to form between their world and ours. This year, the mischievous Jack Brothers from the World of Fairies have decided to set off on an adventure in our world. They will have to pass through the portal again by midnight or be banished from their world forever.

The thrill of their adventure takes their mind off the clock, and before they know it, the 11 o'clock hour is upon them. As they start to race through the long pathway to their home, Pixie the Fairy appears and offers to show them a shortcut to the World of Fairies. The shortcut is dangerous and seldom used, but if they used their regular route, they will not make it back in time. The Jack Brothers have no choice but to follow Pixie and choose their battles wisely. They can only hope that it's not too late...

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Posted by Dave Frear

Justifiably well regarded or just overhyped?

Aside from VB Wario Land, if there’s one game that causes people to get excited when discussing the Virtual Boy its Jack Bros.: a spin-off title from the Megami Tensei RPG series that sees players working their way down a series of floors, fighting...

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Raichu06 said:

This is a good game! I usually play this, Red Alarm, and Wario Land when I need a VB fix. Sucks that none of the levels can be saved, uses a password system so yeah =/



Supermarioman said:

Ummm... Jack Bros. was released in the US NintendoLife. I'm pretty sure that it was, but it is incredibly rare.

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