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3D Tetris (VB / Virtual Boy)

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3D Tetris is a video game released for the Virtual Boy in 1996. A Japanese version was planned, to be called Polygo Block, but production of games was ceased due to lack of interest in the Virtual Boy system. This was the last game released on the Virtual Boy.

This version of the game of Tetris uses a three-dimensional playing field as opposed to the traditional two dimensions more generally used. The player not only rotates the playing piece horizontally, but vertically as well which means that the piece has four possible directions in which to move.

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Posted by Dave Frear

It’s Tetris. On the Virtual Boy. Again.

Perhaps one of the strangest things about the Virtual Boy is that it had two Tetris games. OK there are many systems with multiple versions of Tetris but they were around a lot longer than Virtual Boy was. Interestingly--though this would have changed had...

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AVahne said:

a virtual boy game,hopefully it doesn't make our eyes bleed like the original did

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