(SNES / Super Nintendo)

Uniracers (SNES / Super Nintendo)

Game Profile

Out-of-control speed plus outrageous stunts!

Single-wheeled and single-minded, Uniracers are the best at what they do: accelerate to screen-blurring speed! They're also awesome at pulling flips, twists, turns and catching monster air off the many mondo ramps, hills and half-pipes!

Game Features:

  • Customize your own Uniracer!
  • Race solo against the clock or computer, go head-to-head with a friend, or form groups with up to eight players!
  • Negotiate amazing obstacles including glue, ice, ramps and half pipes!
  • Super fast head-to-head competition!

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StarBoy91 said:

No, you're not, deegan. This game isn't expensive on eBay, and I do hope to experience it someday. I've been interested in the game for years.



Nintendood said:

@motang I know I'm about four years late answering your question, but I'm sure the reason it won't be released on VC is the same reason Nintendo was forced to stop production of the game back then, a while after it was released. In 1987, a 4-minute short film called "Red's Dream" starring an autonomous computer-generated unicycle was added to the end of a Disney movie. This later allowed Pixar to sue DMA Design for copyright infringement, halting this game's production...

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