(Super Nintendo)

Uniracers (Super Nintendo)

Game Profile

Out-of-control speed plus outrageous stunts!

Single-wheeled and single-minded, Uniracers are the best at what they do: accelerate to screen-blurring speed! They're also awesome at pulling flips, twists, turns and catching monster air off the many mondo ramps, hills and half-pipes!

Game Features:

  • Customize your own Uniracer!
  • Race solo against the clock or computer, go head-to-head with a friend, or form groups with up to eight players!
  • Negotiate amazing obstacles including glue, ice, ramps and half pipes!
  • Super fast head-to-head competition!

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StarBoy91 said:

No, you're not, deegan. This game isn't expensive on eBay, and I do hope to experience it someday. I've been interested in the game for years.

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