UN Squadron Screenshot
UN Squadron Screenshot
UN Squadron Screenshot
UN Squadron Screenshot


Release Date

Super Nintendo

  • 3rd Sep 1991 (USA)
  • 10th Dec 1992 (UK/EU)
  • 26th Jul 1991 (JPN)
Also Known As
Area 88 (Japan)

About This Game

Soar to glory in a high-tech aircraft!

The Evil Project 4 has torn freedom from the people of Aslan. Mercenaries control the entire country, except for a tiny airfield. But this field is headquarters for the best fighter pilots in the world - UN Squadron!

You must destroy all eight of Project 4's bases as you force back an overpowering enemy way machine. Dog-fight a wolfpack of stealth fighters in a battlefield of clouds! Strafe enemy tanks!

A giant missile launcher, laser cannon, and deserted aircraft carrier hammer at your plane. Counterstrike with missiles, Thunder lasers, napalm, and bombs. Lead an airstrike for freedom!

  • 3 different airmen, each with his own combat style.
  • Pilot a supersonic F-20 Tiger Shark, a tank-mauling A-10 Thunderbolt, or a radar-invisible Stealth Ray - 6 fighters in all.
  • Go to war in 8 different zones, including sea battles, desert warfare, and forest strongholds.