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  • Random A Bearded Man is an Unlikely Ally in Punch-Out!!

    Beard power

    Punch-Out!! on NES is one of the most iconic games in the 8-bit system's library, inspiring popular culture into its third decade. Little Mac's rise to the top of the boxing world is simplistic, brutally difficult and still huge fun to this day. Like so many of Nintendo's NES classics it has its secrets, and it seems that a keen gamer...






  • Weirdness Mike Tyson Fights Himself in Punch-Out!!


    While the NES version of Punch-Out!! now has 'Featuring Mr. Dream' in the title, before licensing issues and imprisonment in the '90s it was branded with the Mike Tyson name, who was one of the most ferocious boxers in Heavyweight history at his peak. He's now a somewhat mellow middle-aged man, of course, releasing books and conducting speaking...




  • Weirdness Mike Tyson Was Rubbish at Punch-Out!!

    "I couldn't even beat Glass f****** Joe"

    While some games, particularly in the '80s and '90s, proudly showed off a celebrity likeness or name to sell copies, that doesn't mean that those famous people even liked those games. In the case of Mike Tyson, he was so hopeless at his own part of NES history that it seems irrelevant whether he actually...









  • Features Things We Miss About the 8-Bit Era

    It's the little things that count

    Today, the virtual reality experience of the Wii is as immersive as Lawnmower Man director/writer Brett Leonard ever could have hoped, with Mario as real and in-person as an actual member of our family and special effects so vivid that we compulsively hold our breath during underwater levels. Okay, maybe things...


  • Feature The Spooky Denizens of the World of Nintendo

    We run down the scariest of scaries the Big N has cooked up

    We here at Nintendo Life love Halloween. Despite the fact it was originally a time when the dead were believed to cause sickness to the living and damage their crops, but nowadays it's just a good excuse to gorge ourselves on delicious, delicious candy. As part of our All Hallows’ Eve...


  • Feature Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games

    Now that the Virtual Console Archive has a commenting facility we thought what better time to ask what are the games you would most like to see on the Virtual Console. The catch is you can only pick ONE game per format and you have to give a brief reason why this should be released before any other games.

    Here's my wish list to kick things off: NES...