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The Hamburglar has stolen Ronald's bag of magic tricks!

In this 2D platformer, it's up to you to play as Mick or Mac and get it back. Go across various lands and meet McDonald's characters as you travel to places like Ronald's Clubhouse, Birdie's Treehouse, and the Hamburglar's Hideout as you collect Ronald's cards.

To kill the many animal enemies you will find, you must collect bricks and throw them. In some sections you will travel along water in a dinghy; also watch for moving platforms and bonus sections. The game features seven different worlds with over 30 main levels and nine bonus levels.

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Posted by Darrell Monti

A super-sized side-scrolling McVenture

The time from 1990 to 1994 was the golden age of games as starring vehicles for junk food mascots. Few remember, but some will never forget, the convoluted, hyper-caloric brilliance of Yo! Noid, Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool, and Cool Spot. Of the...

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StarBoy91 said:

Hey, I have this game. I managed to get to the third world, and I was surprised to find how easy it was when I last played it (days ago).
One of the great things about this game is that it, like Blaster Master, has unlimited continues, so you can play for as long as you want. The soundtrack's pretty decent.
What I don't comprehend, even after all the years I owned this game, is why do you lose a life after pressing Select while the game is paused? What's the point?

I still remember a time when the McDonald's fast food restaurant used to have the Birdie, Grimace, and Hamburglar characters, and not just Ronald McDonald himself.



ogo79 said:

maybe it was this overview that got me craving mc donalds, now i can say im eating mc donalds while reading this

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