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Firebrand the gargoyle returns in this NES prequel to the gothic Game Boy hit.

As a young demon-in-training, Firebrand is entrusted to defeat an evil, dark light that threatens his home. Part platformer, part role-playing game, Gargoyle's Quest II features overhead map-style adventure elements and side-scrolling action elements. Increase Firebrand's abilities as you progress; improving your flying, jumping and magic power. Explore the realm, collect items and battle bosses, and vanquish the ultimate evil!

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USA USA Version

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Little monsters

It might not be too off kilter to think that, in some alternate universe, things could have shaken out differently in Capcom’s stable and Firebrand the Red Arremer/Gargoyle would have become a bigger star. The company could have been associated more...

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It's good to be bad

Although many people are familiar with the Red Arremers, the notoriously persistent enemies from the Ghosts 'n Goblins games, not many seem to be aware that one particular Arremer also starred in several games of his own. The first Gargoyle's Quest was...

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User Comments (4)



Grimlock_King said:

I've never played it but I definitly will the day it's out in NA. Along with demons crest the minute it releases I will buy it.



primeris said:

GB one was more fun, but I wouldn't mind playing this one again. It's been a while.



ogo79 said:

good luck trying to convince everyone elese that a black and white version was funner than the color sequel...there always has to be one...always



Junkface said:

Yeah I loved this game. I always thought that critter looked so cool even when he was eating my quaters on Ghost N Goblins.

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