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Ninja Commando is a vertically scrolling action game released by ADK in 1992. Players choose from among three ninjas - Joe, descended from the Koga ninja; Rayar, a woman who has learned the ways of the Iga ninja; and Ryu, descendant of the famous ninja Fuma Kotaro - as they pursue the merchant of death known as Spider, who plans to use a time machine to bring havoc to the world. The battle spans seven time periods, including the Stone Age, the Egyptian era and the Japanese Civil War era.

Each hero features a variety of attack options in addition to their own normal attacks, including a deadly attack that inflicts damage upon all enemies on the screen, special ninja-arts attacks performed by inputting specific commands, and a powerful attack unleashed by taking on the “shape of the beast” when three scrolls have been collected. The game also supports two-player cooperative play, so you’re welcome to bring a friend and enjoy taking on the evil Spider together.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ikari Warriors with ninjas - awesome!

Ninja Commando is often confused for Ninja Combat or even its sequel, but in fact, it's neither. Ninja Commando is basically an overheard run 'n gun game that feels a lot like the arcade classic Ikari Warriors at times, although it doesn't quite have the...

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User Comments (22)



KeeperBvK said:

Wow, this actually reminds me of Guwange. Sweet!
But on the other hand...Alpha Denshi isn't that great...so I'll wait for the review.



AchubaNanoia said:

Looks pretty cool, I just wonder if it's 900 Wii Points cool... I mean, there are so many great action/shooter games to download for less on the VC right now, that, even if this game comes to the US VC, I wouldn't bother to download it. But, not a bad game from the looks of it!



Corbs said:

This is one of those Neo Geo games that I haven't played in a long time and dug it out of the closet to review it tonight and it all came back to me just how much fun it was. I can't believe I haven't played it in such a long time. If you like overhead run 'n gun games, you'll love this one.



blackknight77 said:

It would be nice if SNK would put out Guerilla War and POW for the NES. Its also a shame that Capcom's Mercs has been rated a while but has yet to make its VC debut.



Ricardo91 said:

I hope we see this in NA soon. It looks awesome. Also it looks like Ikari Warriors, a game way before my time that I always wanted to play.

Edit: I'd probably have to get this too, since the NES version of IW was brought to us by the much-beloved Tengen.



Corbs said:

Don't wait, check this one out. It's a blast to play. I should know, ever since I dug the MVS cart out to play on my arcade cabinet for the review, I've been playing it off and on since.



jones2929 said:

Just got home and downloaded this one. Really fun to play. The bad translation is also a plus!



Ricardo91 said:

Yeah! the translation's great! "Time has been reversed with Spider's plans. Go investigate and ruin his plans light now!" Ha! I also get a kick out of the in-game voices. "Habu-shiken!"

Edit: Going further through the game, I found another amusing quote: "He's coming out. I'm excited!" I'll never get tired of that one!



Adamant said:

Just got this one - fantastic game. Hillarious translation as well. But dear god does you hand hurt after a couple sessions.



hansolo350 said:

A game where ninjas are fighting Nazis is instantly a 5 in my books. The hilariously bad dialogue helps as well.



DarkAkatosh said:

Awesome game is awesome, despite its flaws. Wrote a review for GameFAQs. It should be up within a day or so.



Knux said:

This youtube video had been removed by the user. Could we have a replacement video?

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