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Journey to Koholint Island in beautiful colour!

Link's latest challenge is set on the mysterious Koholint Island, a place where dreams and reality collide. As a castaway, Link must find a way to escape from the island and return to his beloved homeland of Hyrule. This will not be an easy task.

The island's inhabitants have no knowledge of the outside world. One creature, a talking owl, may know the solution to Link's dilemma. Link must first tackle eight dungeons full of treacherous monsters and tricky traps. His goal: find the eight Instruments of the Sirens and awaken the omnipotent Wind Fish which rules the island.

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Posted by Jacob Crites

A Game Boy classic

You wake up on an island; your boat shattered, your sword swept away by the storm that caused the crash. And at first, it almost doesn't seem like a bad thing. The islanders are kind enough (one girl in particular has caught your eye) and Mabe Village is...

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Kevin said:

Since its no longer a eShop launch title I'm expecting this to be released the week before OoT 3D comes out. If it doesn't I'd be surprised.



ThumperUK said:

Was surprised this morning to see this has been added to the 3DS VC. I was expecting we'd have to wait weeks for it!!



golephish said:

still on the fence on this, I recall this being awesome on gbc. Will we get kirby!?



melechofsin said:

will definitely get this one day if I can. They should forget the GB games and release all the GBC ones... (only played a couple of GBC games but a lot of GB games..) Color is better.



myusernameissam said:

one of my favorite games of all time. i still have the original, and would play it all the time if the save files wouldnt always get erased everytime i turned it off. DX



Beau_Skunk said:

I'm kinda disapointed this game costs more then a typical NES Virtual Console game, but regardless this game is so good, I'll gladly pay the extra dollar for it. (Especially sense I never had the 1998 GBColor version, just the 1993 B&W version.)
This is actually one of my favorite Zelda games. I have many fond memories of it, and I like how in some ways it's also one of the oddest Zelda games. (Where else are you going to find Goombas in a non-Mario game?) The dungeons are all very well made, and the graphics are good even with the GB's 8-bit limitations.
It was also one of the first Zeldas to actually have a more RPG-ish progressing storyline in it. Compete with humor, drama, and a very nice plot-twist, and a nice almost cartoon/anime-like animated ending sequence.



Flowerlark said:

I might get this someday, but I'm rather reluctant. I'm not an 'old school' gamer and tend to suck horribly at older games.



Flowerlark said:

Okay, so I decided to take the chance on this and downloaded it. It's amazing! I didn't know about the vc restore points before I got it and boy am I glad they're there. It's really minimised my frustration levels since I tend to die pretty often. It's one of my favourite Zelda's now! Gotta love the lighthearted humour of this title.



Blue_Dread said:

Got this as a Club Nintendo 2013 Elite Status reward. SO HAPPY I HAVE THIS. I luv this, it is my favorite Zelda that I have so far. I thinking of me and my brother getting Oracle of Ages/Seasons.



GuarinoMatt said:

I have big respect of Ocarina of Time... but my all time favorite is the masterpiece "A Link to the Past". I wouldn't be surprised if it was at first place.



RegalSin said:

GBC Zelda was great. This game was just the same game ( which is the same ) but with more colors, and some extra rooms. I don't know about bosses. The other extra was that you COULD USE THE GAMEBOY PRINTER AND PRINT OUT SPECIAL STICKERS ONLY FOUND IN THIS GAME.

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