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Onimusha Tactics (GBA / Game Boy Advance)

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Wield the Power to Change History!

Prepare to be thrust into massive, old world feudal battles where every move is a struggle for power. Join Onimaru, a young Ogre Clan warrior on a mighty quest to defeat Nobunaga and his enemy Genma armies.

Call upon your demon power and sword skills to fight against evil legions. Manage your resources and equipment, assemble your allies and enhance your troops by adding the strongest warriors. Utilize the field map for strategy, troop improvement and tactical advantages to defeat your enemy. Nobunaga must be stopped!

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Posted by Evan Chambers

The Oni put the feud in feudal Japan

Onimusha Tactics was originally released 12 years ago, in 2003, for the Game Boy Advance. Developed and produced by Capcom, the same company that made the Onimusha series on the PS2, Tactics's gameplay and individual story deviates from the originals but...

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