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Mega Man Zero 2 (Game Boy Advance)

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A year after the events in Mega Man Zero, the hero finds himself in another battle to save the world. Caught in-between the reploids and humans, Neo Arcadia's new commander has tricked Zero into helping her, although her reasons are uncertain.

To fix the problem, Zero must battle through level after level, using the new Chain Rod weapon to grapple onto ledges to gain an advantage in collecting out of reach items or attacking enemies from above. Cyber Elfs can again be collected to gain some helpful powerups.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Zero times two

Just one year after Mega Man Zero, Inti Creates released a sequel for the Game Boy Advance spin-off. That might sound a bit quick, but Mega Man Zero 2 is no mindless cash-in. It took the sturdy foundation set by its predecessor and built upon it in...

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MetalK9 said:

Music in this game was improved a little. That theme playing at the very beginning mission fit well. Still, w/out Phantom. The other 3 Masters from Z1 felt less meaningful with one man down. At least this was better than 1.

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