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Mario Power Tennis (GBA / Game Boy Advance)

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Do you have the skills to go head-to-head with the tennis pros of the Mario universe?

As a young rookie enrolled in the Royal Tennis Academy, train your character and build up their stats before you take on the Mushroom Kingdom’s best! Part role-playing game, part sports simulation, Mario Power Tennis lets you take your character to the top in Power Tour Mode and master Power Shots in Power Training Mode. Enjoy the wide repertoire of moves with quick and simple controls, and look out for many familiar faces!

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Posted by Martin Watts

Raising a racquet

Originally released on Game Boy Advance in 2005, Mario Power Tennis is unusual in that it takes the tennis simulation genre and embeds it into a role-playing game experience. It’s a combination that works surprisingly well, with the biggest success...

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Cooligan said:

It's strange how it's Mario Power Tennis in the UK and Mario Tennis: Power Tour in the US...

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