Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land


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User Ratings: 507

Our Review: 7/10

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  • News Former Nintendo Composer Dedicates Retro Remixes to Hiroshi Yamauchi

    Super Mario Land and Metroid both given special new tracks

    Earlier this week former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away at 85 years of age. He'd led the company from 1949 to 2002, overseeing a revolution as Nintendo became the world's leading video game console manufacturer. By leading Nintendo to such success in the industry,...


  • Feature Our Favourite Super Mario Games

    The impossible list

    With New Super Mario Bros. 2 about to hit stores, it's prompted a lot of debate about the Super Mario series as a whole. We decided that we'd take on the list that cannot win, and declare Nintendo Life's favourite Super Mario games. In total, 16 members of staff rated their top 10 Super Mario titles from a list of 14. Only games...

  • Nintendo Download 2nd August 2012 (North America)

    A lost town, solitaire and reduced Mario

    This week's North American update has relatively slim pickings, with Wii missing out entirely. There's one title each for eShop and DSiWare, a reduced Mario classic and a couple of videos, so let's look at what we have. eShop: 3D Solitaire (Zen Studios, $2.99) — The title tells you almost everything you...


  • News Retro Mario Discounts Jumping Onto North American eShop

    Celebrating New Super Mario Bros. 2

    When it comes to New Super Mario Bros. 2, you'd have to live in a deep, dark cave to not know about it. Trailers and videos swarm the web and its status as the first retail download being offered by Nintendo has given it even more profile. Still, that won't stop Nintendo of America doing some additional marketing...


  • First Impressions 3DS Virtual Console

    Time travel meets blur-o-vision

    Virtually nothing is known about how the 3DS will handle its new eShop apart from that it will eventually offer a Virtual Console for Game Boy and Game Boy Color software, and in New York City and Amsterdam this past Wednesday Nintendo Life was able to test out a couple of games confirmed for Shop shelves: Super Mario...