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  • News Pokémon Producer Still Interested in Producing Remakes

    Though no plans for Gen 2 On 3DS VC

    Take a look at the eShop charts in any region and you'll see that the Gen 1 Pokémon games still consistently take the top spots, proving that there is still a market for the older Pokémon games. Over the past few years, Game Freak has also sprung to remake the first 3 generations across the most recent Nintendo...










  • Random UK MC Jme Produces Pokémon Season One Theme Song Remix

    Complete with full animation!

    UK MC Jme has made a remix of the Season One (Indigo League) theme song of Pokémon, entitled 'The Very Best'. For those unaware, Jme is a popular music artist (specialising in Grime) from the UK who has been creating music since 2003, and has become well-known worldwide due to his unique style, impressive lyrics, and...


  • Weirdness That Slowpoke Reggae Video is Now in English

    Took them long enough...

    More than a year ago, the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel uploaded a video so bizarre that you have to wonder if it's a preliminary experiment in mind control. It had Slowpoke and reggae in it, though, so we happily shared it. Surprisingly, the video has suddenly reappeared with an English dub. According to the...





  • Weirdness Fan Turns Pokémon Blue into a SNES Game

    Making a classic…more of a classic?

    It can be said that most Pokémaniacs share the dream of one day being able to play a full Pokémon adventure on a big screen, and one dedicated fan has achieved this by managing to fit a Pokémon Blue Game Boy cartridge into an empty SNES cartridge through some soldering work. The Nintendo 64’s Pokémon...


  • News Clever Flower Pot Lets You Plant a Pokémon Among Your Home Décor

    B-b-b-bulba! The pottery that evolves!

    Collections vary among fans according to taste, but for some nothing is better than displaying a nice "covert" piece. This is the type of item that unknowing folk can appreciate on their own merits, but other fans will instantly recognize and blather over its coolness. These "Succulent Monster" ceramic pots...

  • Weirdness There's a Fish That Plays Pokémon

    Magikarp breathes a sigh of relief (at least we think that was a sigh)

    Today's entrant in the annals of human achievement comes courtesy of Twitch TV, in the form of a motion-tracked fantail betta playing Pokémon Red/Blue using virtualised Game Boy controls. The fish, one Grayson Hopper, has apparently been playing (or "swimming aimlessly in his...



  • News TwitchPlaysPokémon Conquers Pokémon Red

    It’s all over…..for now

    TwitchPlaysPokémon has done the unthinkable. The livestream of Pokémon Red, in which the stream’s chat controls the movements of the trainer Red, has officially beaten the Elite Four and its rival Blue to become the Pokémon League Champion. Approximately 16d 7h 45min and 30sec after the adventure began, the stream...

  • News Success of Twitch Plays Pokémon Raises Possibility of Gaming Platform

    Twitch may be evolving

    Unless you've been hiding under a rock recently, you've probably heard of the social experiment known as Twitch Plays Pokémon. In short, thousands of players are able to control trainer Red in a streamed version of Pokémon Red via command input in the chat section. It was originally developed as an experiment to test the...