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Join Tara or Cobi on their gigantic adventure!

Master monsters and magic. Collect, train, and breed an army of Dragon Warrior monsters. Embark on an epic adventure to save your island home from sinking into the sea.

  • Breed monsters you've collected to create even more powerful offsprings.
  • Find Magic Keys to unlock new worlds and adventures.
  • Journey across snowy plains, scorching deserts, and untamed wilderness in order to find, defeat, and befriend 300 monsters in eleven monster families.
  • Link to challenge a friend to a monster battle or team up against the computer.

You can even link up to trade Magic Keys and monsters between both Tara's Adventure and Cobi's Journey. Will you be able to help Tara and Cobi stop their island from sinking into the sea before it's ultimately too late?

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Geonjaha said:

Best game ever made for the GBC. The first one was impressive, but this one just blows it away. Make your way to the 3DS virtual console please

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