Zuma's Revenge (DSiWare)

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An irresistible force has taken our fearless frog to a newly evolved world of Zuma ruled by evil tiki bosses.

Fire stone spheres to destroy the deadly stream of balls in this PopCap ball-blasting challenge on DSi! Conquer over 60 Adventure levels and battle six imposing tiki bosses. Leap into the all-new Daily Dungeon and take a shot at three daily challenges. Slide and hop for smarter shots, hit targets for exotic bonuses and detonate explosive power-up balls. Will you succumb to the perilous pitfalls, or can you tame the jungle and guide your agile amphibian to victory?

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Survive over 60 Adventure levels and defeat six Boss BattlesExplore the all-new Daily Dungeon including three daily challenges — Astro, Blitz and BossTrack your Zumaic feats in the Tiki Temple and collect 15 AchievementsTurn up the heat with 6 explosive power-ups

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Posted by Philip J Reed

An expensive addiction

We'll say one thing for PopCap — it sure knows how to transform simple tasks into madly addictive experiences. And from Peggle and Bookworm to Plants vs. Zombies, Nintendo fans have been able to enjoy excellent ports of some of its most popular games...

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cheapogamer4life said:

This would've been an instant download for many of us at 500 points. I guess we can just hope for a good review now. Oh well, pop caps loss if its not to good.



Joygame51 said:

Just downloaded this . I love it!!!!

Its very much as good as any retail Zumba game. Even at 800 points its well worth it. Unless you go USED GAME store you would not get a RETAIL quality game like this for less then 17.00 and not less then 29.00 for a new chip. OK its pretty easy at first but lots of fun.

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