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Get ready for the Ubongo experience!

Solve as many "Tetris-style" puzzles as you can and you'll be the winner. What’s Ubongo? Its mechanics is very simple. Just solve as many puzzles as you can and get gems of the same colour. At the end of the established time, the player who has more gems will be the winner.

The original board game is a blockbuster in many countries; where its popularity has taken Ubongo to the highest position in the lists of sales. Why? Because, under a seemingly simple premise, an extremely entertaining game hides...You may always want to play just one more time!

Game Modes:

History Mode
–In this mode you’ll take the rol of Kanu and should defeat the followers of evil Rifictus winning them in Ubongo's games. There are locations placed in the desert, in jungles, in mountains covered with snow… If you win the games, you will be advancing in the game up to reaching the final goal: the clash with Rifictus for the recovery of the last gem that will bring the salvation to Kanus’ people.

  • Quick Game
    –Find here Ubongo's quick games.
  • Time Attack
    –In this mode you should focus your efforts on the clock… as the key is to get a high number of gems within a time limit! So here it will be important to have a good strategy in order to get the gems as soon as possible.
  • Multiplayer Mode
    –Challenge your friends in this Wireless Multiplayer Mode.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Nothing funny rhymes with "Ubongo"

Ubongo is a board game that's won its fair share of awards in continental Europe, and came to WiiWare via a not-so-great adaptation. Shrinking the game to the DSiWare platform doesn't do it any favours either, sadly, and comes with a host of new...

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slidecage said:

Very fun game.... i think it might be sort of short though (about 5 to 7 hours to beat story mode)

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