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Welcome to Centerscore High, where the game changes with every choice you make. Of course, some choices are wiser than others.

Play the premiere “Football Season” storyline plus seven episodes for hours of game play. Kick off your story-driven adventures as the new kid in school. See if you can earn a spot on the football team and win the heart of cheerleader Beth or goth girl Raven. Unlock custom looks for your character and meet other kids who can help (or hurt) you. You cause all the drama! Continue to play as different guys or girls in other storylines. Work at the bakery and take on a local mobster. Try out for the school play. Meet challenges on the tough side of town. You can even travel to Europe! Master intense minigames and ace pop quizzes along the way. The exclusive Trophy System tracks your results. Earn four “great endings” and unlock a special BONUS EPISODE. The game looks awesome on the Nintendo DSi system, which you hold sideways like a book. Best…high-school game…ever!

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

If only the real thing were this much fun

With this downloadable title, EA provides a very entertaining and engrossing experience that many will unfortunately write off based on its name alone. The game is almost completely text-based, which means that there aren't any explosions or fancy...

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Objection said:

I played the much cheaper iTouch version and its pretty fun but the main campaign isn't quite long enough to be worth 800 pts and this version doesnt seem to have the weekly new DLC either.

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