Supermarket Mania (DSiWare)

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In Supermarket Mania, you’ll have to help Nikki operate a small grocery store; satisfying the needs of increasing demanding customers.

Nikki’s main goal is to keep all the shelves of her store stocked, so customers don’t lose patience and find another food store to shop at. Nikki also has to keep the store clean – she wouldn’t want a lawsuit from a customer who tripped over trash! If Nikki works hard and fast, she’ll earn enough money to upgrade her store and compete with the big supermarket conglomerate in town, the Torg Corporation.
Features of Supermarket Mania include:

  • 50 Levels in Story Mode
  • Endless Shift Mode and extra bonuses
  • Five Shops
  • Seven types of customers
  • Over a dozen products to sell
  • Over 20 upgrades for your shop
  • Comic-Book Style cut scenes between each level

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A pretty good sale

There's plenty of games available on DSiWare which are nothing more than glorified Flash games, which you could find playable for free online if you searched for just a few minutes. At first, we suspected that Supermarket Mania would join their ranks, but...

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The latest shopping-related title to find its way to DSiWare, Supermarket Mania is out in Europe on November 19th priced 500 Points

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