Super Yum Yum: Puzzle Adventures News



  • News Get Ready to Feast on Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventure!

    New information for one of DSiWare's most anticipated titles

    Today Nintendo Life Towers was inundated with new Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures information. So much information, in fact, that some staffers had to eat their way out of the building. As a result we are pleased to give you ten new screenshots, a gameplay video and the thoughts of AirPlay company founder James Wright. We’ll let James..


  • News Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures Coming to DSiWare

    Mastertronic announces their new DSiWare puzzler.

    European publisher Mastertronic has just announced that their new title Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures will be coming to Nintendo's DSiWare service this winter. You can check out the press release snippet below for more information on the game. Mastertronic have announced the development of Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures for Nintendo DSiWare™..