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Learn German from Freddy the vampire!

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mein Name ist Freddy, ich bin ein Vampir

It seems that Tivola is keen to make the humble DSi the definitive language learning tool of the 21st Century. Perhaps that is an exaggeration, but Successfully Learning German: Year 2 has arrived to help young German speakers improve their language...

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SennaKurosaki said:

It seems that everyone can skip year one. But of course everyone already can speak German... yeah right...



James said:

Over here in the UK it's called Year 2 as we don't use a Grade system, so year 2 = grade 1



Joygame51 said:

Ich bin nein duche ! As you can tell in my first atempt at german I'm not german. I would love to try my hand (err ) vocal cords at it though if its truely year 1 as James says...I might try this.

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