Snowboard Xtreme (DSiWare)

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Plough through the snow in extremely dangerous settings!

Xtrem Snow offers a race against the clock through a stage filled with dangers in which you will need a lot of skill, because time is not on your side. To do so, try to take full advantage of the terrain. You also earn extra time by passing through the flags correctly. Beat your friends and family on the Local Ranking and reach Number 1.


  • Arcade game.
  • Learn to use the snowboard.
  • Local Ranking to compete against friends.

Game Review


USA USA Version

Posted by Ron DelVillano

Xtremely lacklustre

Sometimes a game company develops a game that doesn’t turn out to be nearly as well received as they expect it to be. After that, the very same game company will sometimes take that sorry excuse for a game, change the theme, fix the controls, re-skin it...

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