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Westward, ho!

Your favorite pioneering adventure game takes you on an exciting, historic, side-scrolling adventure with your Nintendo DSiā„¢ system. Take the Oregon Trail experience further than ever before with all of the decision-making and problem-solving fun of the original game plus additional challenges. Leave your mark on America's history.

Take a picture of yourself at each landmark with the Nintendo DSi system's built-in camera. You'll have your portrait and party's name printed in the Daily Oregon Trail newspaper in the game. Play eight skill-based mini-games that will impact your resources: Hunting, Fishing, River Crossing, Rafting, Wagon Repairing, Telegraph, Berry Picking and Gold Panning. Random events faced by real pioneers - such as disease, bandits and hitchhikers - and side missions add more excitement to your westward trek.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

The most fun you can have with dysentery

For whatever reason, The Oregon Trail in its various incarnations, whether on DOS or an Apple II, holds a special place in the hearts of American gamers. Maybe it's because of the balanced risk/reward system and simple resource management. But more likely...

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noxusprime06 said:

i wanted this for my 3ds but i couldn't find it on the eshop so i had to use my dsi xl to get it then tansfer it

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