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The Nintendo DSi Metronome software can be used to help keep tempo –when playing an instrument, for example.

It creates a rhythm by playing sounds based on beat and tempo settings, both of which allow a wide range of adjustments. Choose from three metronome designs (including one based on Nintendo's Game & Watch™: Ball title) and record your own sounds for the metronome to use. Or, if you want to take a break, enjoy a unique minigame: Donkey Kong™ Metronome, in which you make sounds into the microphone to match the beat and have Mario™ jump over Donkey Kong's barrels.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

It's a metronome

The DSi wasn't intended just for games; part of the meaning of the "i" is in reference to using it as a "personal tool," according to some Nintendo rep who may or may not have been full of it. We've already seen some fairly useless...

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harpnbass said:

As a professional musician I use it every time I work at home. Easy and convenient, it goes hand in hand with the tuner. Thanks Nintendo. 10

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