Nintendo DSi Instrument Tuner Screenshot
Nintendo DSi Instrument Tuner Screenshot


Release Date


  • 29th Mar 2010, 200 points (USA)
  • 2nd Sep 2009 (JPN)
Feature Support
Microphone Support
Also Known As
Musical Instrument Tuner (Japanese title)

About This Game

The Nintendo DSi Instrument Tuner software can be used to tune an instrument by aligning tonal pitches.

The software offers two methods of handling this: feeding sounds into the microphone to measure the difference with a target pitch, or listening to a sample tone. In addition, the standard musical pitch and notation can be changed, as well as the design of the tuner (choose one of three designs). If you're feeling especially in tune, test your ear by taking on the Tuner Fight minigame's challenge: Pop balloons as they rise from pipes by making tones that match the displayed pitches.