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The Nintendo DSi Instrument Tuner software can be used to tune an instrument by aligning tonal pitches.

The software offers two methods of handling this: feeding sounds into the microphone to measure the difference with a target pitch, or listening to a sample tone. In addition, the standard musical pitch and notation can be changed, as well as the design of the tuner (choose one of three designs). If you're feeling especially in tune, test your ear by taking on the Tuner Fight minigame's challenge: Pop balloons as they rise from pipes by making tones that match the displayed pitches.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

It's an instrument tuner

The DSi wasn't intended just for games; part of the meaning of the "i" is in reference to using it as a "personal tool," according to some Nintendo rep who may or may not have been full of it. We've already seen some fairly useless...

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beedria said:

I just got it today. I play violin and it really helps me tune. Some times it gets the notes wrong but that means the song is off. It doesn't keep tempo and the game is very hard is your a bad singer(not me). Over all I rate it a 8/10 for how helpful it as been so far.



SpiritChaser2010 said:

Just got it today myself, and am pleased with it. My guitar was sadly out of tune from not being played in awhile, and even though I have 2 tuners, I didn't feel like finding AAA batteries for them..so I went with this instead, and glad I did. Now my guitar is well tuned. I give it a 9/10. It's well worth the 200 points, and cheaper than having to buy a tuner.



harpnbass said:

As a professional musician I find this app very convenient. You can even calibrate A from 440 on up... It's also an excuse to bring your DSi to work. 10/10 for me.

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